北角 • 健康村(第三期)|North Point • Healthy Village (Phase 3)


  • person:get your license
  • me:The Road Is A Terrifying Place And I Am Very Afraid To Drive
  • laughingbear:

    I FINISHED IT!! Or last night after working on it the whole day yesterday QvQ Animal Crossing picnic party! Among other things, this is going to be a notebook design hopefully soon~

    favorite character meme: [1/6] quotes


    These days your voice is a little faint, Aiko.

    But perhaps your voice was always t h a t  w a y .  .   .    .

    KID and GROWNUP versions side by side



    New Nintendo 3DS and XL ⊟

    Just when you thought this week couldn’t get any wilder, Nintendo goes and reveals a new 3DS and XL model for Japan.

    The new line also has a new stick-ish button on the right side that replaces the need for a Circle Pad Pro, a more powerful CPU, a wider stereoscopic 3D sweet spot, colored ABXY buttons, two additional shoulder buttons, NFC support (for Amiibos!), extended battery life (up to 7 hours) and a replaceable battery, and HTML5 support for the built-in browser. It also now uses Micro SDs instead of SD cards. Check out the removable back!

    The standard system features a 3.88-inch top screen (compared to the 3.53-inch top screen in the original 3DS), while the new XL screen is the same as the old one at 4.88 inches. Both release in Japan on October 10 for ¥16000 ($154) and ¥18800 ($181), alongside a new set of charging docks.

    Images via Inside Games and Volotaire!

    BUY Nintendo 2DS & 3DS/XL, upcoming games

    what the fuck